Stainless Steel Sheets Sold in Full-Size or to Your Dimensions

#8 Non-Directional Mirrored Stainless

Has a high gloss finish, mirror finish stainless steel that is, as the name implies, non-directional. Its clarity rivals a glass mirror.

Available Gauges:
16, 18, 20 & 22


#8 stainless is designed to be essentially maintenance-free. It will last for years without requiring attention. Yet, it may be appropriate at times to clean the surface in order to maintain its original appearance.

Specific stainless steel agents are widely available. For general cleaning, any detergent or ammonia solution is effective. Also,  a sodium carbonate paste with warm water rinse can be applied.

For severe stains, you may use tri-sodium phosphate. More difficult contaminants like adhesive residue will come off with pure acetone. Always avoid products containing chloride. 

Above all use a “Micro-Fiber” Cloth Only

 We have a $250 Minimum Order Requirement